Garage Door Torsion Spring

We receive numerous calls about torsion and extension springs. These components are designed to survive thousands of opening and closing cycles. Eventually, they wear out. You should always turn to a trained pro to service these essential parts. There is a good reason for this suggestiGarage Door Torsion Spring Richmondon. Springs can be very dangerous to work on without the proper skills. Many people have been badly injured during the process. Call our company and we will send experts to service your extension or garage door torsion spring in Richmond, British Columbia.

Extension and Torsion Spring Repair

There are many different parts in the garage door system. All play a specific role in the operation. The springs are very important. The extension type is mounted on each side of the door. They come in a pair; just like your car brakes. If you change one, you need to change both. The torsion springs are mounted above the door. Although most doors would utilize only one torsion spring, some would need multiple torsion springs. In either case, when you’ve got issues, call us for torsion spring repair in Richmond.

In most cases, a spring cannot be repaired. Sometimes a minor torsion spring adjustment can be made. But more times than not, the component needs to be replaced. The local garage door specialists are prepared for these moments. They are ready to come out quickly to replace broken springs. They will bring the right torsion spring replacement and do the job with accuracy.

Fast and Effective Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

At Richmond Garage Door Repair, we carry a huge assortment of springs for replacement purposes. Each service vehicle is loaded with a variety of sizes. The trained technician will determine which is best for your particular situation. The component must be strong enough to balance the weight of your door. The pros have replaced many springs over the years. They approach the job safely and with attention to detail. Even a talented specialist must be careful during this procedure. Don’t attempt to fix or replace your springs. Call us for fast and effective garage door torsion spring replacement.

Our local company is here to serve you. We send out the right pros quickly and they are all qualified to provide reliable service for your Richmond garage door torsion spring. Don’t hesitate. Call us today!

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